Agreement Between Medical Services Plan

Data on necessary medical services provided by honor-for-service practitioners to persons covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP), BC`s universal insurance program. Practitioners are divided into: doctors, practitioners of complementary services (physiotherapists, mores, naturopathic doctors, etc.) and non-dietary practitioners. Forms for health and health care providers to register or use services through MSP. Forms are also available from BC service centres across the province or via MSP. Shows the type of services provided by a practitioner. MSP registration, account maintenance, premium support request and much more. Whether the service was provided in a hospital, etc. (available from 94/95). A code used to identify any service provided by a practitioner. Each pricing item is assigned to a “fee” paid to the recipient for the service provided.

>> several areas in which retroactive and retroactive payments are available from 1994/95. These are usually only necessary for projects on these specific themes. For more information, please contact Population Data BC. Forms for B.C. Residents to register and manage their account for the medical services plan. Shows the province (or a-the-country site) of the practitioner who renders the service. A figure showing the number of payments made for a given royalty item. Shows the actual contribution rate based on the recipient`s family income, province or place of residence (available from 88/89). Contains the ICD9 code most closely associated with the billing dataset (available from 91/92). . Whether the payment was made to practitioners or subscribers.

Group administrator forms for registering and managing a medical services plan. The amount paid to the practitioner for a royalty item, including pennies. Describes a practitioner`s specialty in relation to a claim assigned at the time of claim. Also includes several “practice” codes used for the primary care demonstration project. As required by law, practitioners must inform the patient: Identify the person responsible (MSP, ICBC, WCB) (available from 99/00).


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