Am In Agreement With You Meaning

For example, if you mean you agree with someone in Spanish, you would have the phrase Why not? is used if you accept a suggestion someone made: “Let`s go to the movies tonight.” “Why not? We haven`t been in ages. Don`t you make me laugh or joke?/You have to make jokes…: informal ways of telling someone you don`t agree with them, and you think what they said is crazy: “I really think the Beatles are overrated. “Are you kidding?/Don`t make me laugh! You are better than any modern group. Informally, in agreement or in ability to easily work together Exactly/ Absolutely / I could no longer agree: used to say that you completely agree with someone: “When we were young, people did not go into debt. “That`s right. You just bought what you could afford. “I think Jacob is the best person for the job. “Absolutely…


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