Case Marking Agreement And Empty Categories In Turkish

ARTICLE 23 – 1. The President shall fix the dates of the meeting and the agenda of the Board of Directors. The President may convene the Bureau to an extraordinary meeting in the necessary cases. (14) The members of the Management Board are removed from their previous positions on the Board of Directors. Members elected as civil servants of the State shall be appointed in an appropriate framework by the competent authority within one month of the end of their term of office or when they apply to the previous institution within thirty days, unless they lose the conditions required to be civil servants of the State. The Board of Directors continues to adopt all payments received by these individuals until they are appointed. For those who are elected as members when they were not members of a public body and whose office ends as provided above, the office continues to make any type of payment they receive until they exercise another obligation or employment, as well as the payment that the board of directors will make to those whose affiliation will end as such; may not be carried out for more than three months. The mandate of such persons within the Authority shall be deemed to be signified by the previous institutions or entities, with respect to the individual and other rights conferred on them. 2. Provided that they are relevant and proportionate to the purpose and general principles of this Law, Article 10, which governs the controller`s obligation to inform; with the exception of the right to compensation, Article 11, which governs the rights of the data subject; and Article 16, which governs the obligation to register in the register of controllers, shall not apply in the following cases: 6. In cases where the office of one of the members elected by the President or the Council of Ministers ends forty-five days earlier or for any reason whatsoever, it shall be notified by the Authority to the Prime Minister`s Office within fifteen days; for its presentation to the Office of the President or to the Council of Ministers. New members are elected one month before the end of the functions of the current members.

In cases where the post becomes vacant within the framework of these members before the end of the Office, elections shall be held within fifteen days of notification. (ç) In the event of a vacancy in membership, for one reason or another, two months before the end of the term of office of the members, the new members shall be elected in accordance with the same procedure within one month of the date of vacancy of the post or, if the Grand National Assembly of Turkey is on recess, after the end of the break. These elections shall take into account the number of members appointed by the contingent of political parties at the time of the first election and the current share of political groups in the distribution of vacant members among the political groups of political parties. ğ) to demand compensation for damage in the event of harm caused to the person as a result of unlawful processing of personal data (2) It is prohibited to process special categories of personal data without the explicit consent of the data subject. The proposals collected in this book deal with the complex relationship between syntax and prosody when encoding sentences.. . . .


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