Difference Between A Covenant And An Agreement

A contract can be defined as a written and binding agreement between two or more parties. The agreement can be written or oral and mainly concerns sales, employment, rent and services. The difference between the Alliance and the Treaty is obvious when someone breaks one of the agreements. A contract is not valid if one of the parties violates it. On the other hand, a confederation remains intact, even if one of the parties violates it. Although alliances are a kind of treaty, they are not treated in the same way and are not built on the same premise. Here are the differences between treaties and alliances. If two people unite to unite two independent lives into a Christ-centered and common life, there will be tensions! There will be moments of distress, sedition and difficulty. If the relationship is based on a contract, when a situation does not appear to be resolved, the couple can execute the “cessation clause” and therefore the marital relationship is not worth fighting for because the basis of the relationship was built on conditional statements and on compliance with certain requirements. An alliance also has requirements where each man fulfills his commitment to the other, but there are no “cessation clauses” and the foundation of marriage is built on the Gospel.

The Gospel informs us that, whatever the circumstances, the obligation of relationship is greater than our desire to be right, to “win” the argument, or even to be justified. You see, in the midst of us who mistreated us, that we suffer or face a relational problem, our tendency is to take revenge, to whip or resign to give them “what they deserve”, and that is where the Gospel comes in. The Gospel leads us to ignore unconditionally the mistakes of the other, for this is exactly what God has done for us, sending Jesus to the earth to suffer, die and bring him back to life, to create once and for all a substitute for all the mistakes of humanity. But there`s more to it than that. Once the marriage is turned from a contract into a contract and it becomes “just a legal thing”, there is no real reason why it should not be a contract between two people who have the legal right to enter into a contract. Marriage is no longer considered an obligation for life before God. Contracts are legally applicable agreements. There are important elements for a valid agreement.

In truth, we refer to God in the context of a confederation. God has already committed to treating us in the light of Jesus` perfection, even if we do, we do not measure as long as we choose to believe. While the two concepts may have narrow similarities, there are fundamental differences between them.


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