Disagreements Of Performance

Getting a poor performance rating from your employer is devastating. No one appreciates learning that their boss isn`t happy with their job, and having written down this information to live indefinitely in your job file makes things so much worse. Fight the urge to take revenge or respond to your performance evaluation on the same day or even the same week it was given. Give yourself time to process both verification, self-assessment, follow-up interviewing, and others` inputs. So, sleep on it. Keep a visual mirror of your past year`s performance to see if your boss`s rating is in the lens or, at the very least, if it`s not so far from the brand that it`s worth getting a lot of hustle and bustle. One of the main sources of quarrels between managers and employees about performance evaluation is the infinite human capacity for deception: we all think we are better than we really are. Research has repeatedly shown that individuals are notoriously inaccurate in assessing the quality of their own performance, and the worse the interpreter, the higher (and imprecise) the more likely self-assessment is. So the first step is to accept (as I did almost 50 years ago) that the boss can actually be right and that his opinion may actually be more accurate than ours. Questioning a boss`s assessment, even in a clear case of bad data, is always a tickling affair. Be careful. It`s not easy to tell your boss, whatever you say, to say, “You`re wrong.” Don`t lose sight of the fact that your boss probably has a considerable investment in the valuation you want to question.

For most managers, writing performance reviews is a tedious and emotionally draining activity. Your boss may have had to explain and justify the assessment they gave you at a calibration meeting with other executives, and a decision to change your rating may require changes to other employees` reviews if your company follows strict sales rules. Your boss may have checked your assessment in advance with his boss, and it`s unpleasant at best to go back and admit that he did wrong the first time. Make sure it`s worth it. This is the time for performance verification and whether you feel anxious or confident about the process, it is always possible that you do not agree with your supervisor`s evaluation of your work. And this doesn`t just apply to junior or mid-level employees. Performance reviews are performed across an organization`s hierarchy, from Suite C to the bottom, and regardless of an employee`s position, it`s always possible that they may be considered “weak” or “in line with expectations.” If the review is right, take the opportunity to create with your boss a plan to improve your performance.


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