Durbin Lee Agreement

“Senator Lee and I have reached a bipartisan agreement on what we consider to be a reasonable approach. These families affected by this delay are really going through difficulties and worries that no family should face. The sooner we solve them, the better,” Durbin said. When I spoke to many of these families, they said, “Why not sit down with Senator Lee and see if you can come to an agreement?” I did it. We did it. Now I hope we can move forward. The law Lee passed today is an amended version of what the Assembly passed. He has to go home. McConnell & Pelosi must create a special conference committee composed of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate to reach an agreement. First, it would immediately protect immigrants and their families who are lagging behind by allowing them to “submit green cards at an early stage.” This would allow workers to change jobs and travel without losing immigration status and prevent the children of migrant workers from “aging” the right to the green card, so they would not face deportation while waiting for a green card. And the children of migrant workers would be protected from ageing, so that they would not be deported. Senators Lee (R-UT) and Durbin (D-IL) appear to have reached an agreement to overcome Durbin`s Senate objections at p. 386.

The amended language of P. 386 contains all the provisions contained in earlier versions of S. .


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