Ipswitch License Agreement

4.2.4. Software Development Kits. For products called Software Development Kit (SDK), you may only create, reproduce, and distribute solutions, plug-ins, or other derivative works to authorized users who have a valid and up-to-date license for the associated product. Such solutions, plug-ins or other derivative works referred to in the above sentence are considered “redistributable” within the meaning of section 1.2.6 (redistribution) and, unless expressly stated in this section, all the conditions set out in section 1 (Terms and Conditions) apply to such solutions, plug-ins or other derivative works. For SDK products labeled “internal use,” you must limit distribution exclusively to authorized users in your organization. 1.15.2. Effect of Termination. Upon expiration of the term of your license for the Product (if any) or any prior termination of this AESE, your license to access and/or use the Product and/or distribution of redistributables expires (if any). You must immediately cease use of the Product and destroy all copies of the Product in your possession (and invite all authorized third parties to do so). All licenses that you have granted to returnees in accordance with the terms of this SEA are maintained, unless otherwise specified in Section 3 (Product Family Specific Terms) or Section 4 (Product Specific Terms), even after the end of this ITA. 1.2.6.

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