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India is working to conclude three Military Logistics Support Agreements (MLSAs) by the end of the year, which will further improve the army`s operational reach in the region. India has already signed such agreements with some countries, starting with the United States. The navy took the most advantage. The agreements with Australia and Russia will largely be modeled on the United States, while the agreement with Japan is a broader agreement of cooperation in the field of defense, including logistics, said a second official. The ARLS with Russia is expected to be signed at the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Vladimir Putin in September on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russia. Last month, a delegation led by Secretary of State Jiwesh Nandan visited Russia to conclude the agreement, according to the Defense Ministry in its monthly report. Moscow had sent a draft agreement early last year, and the MoD sent it in July to the Integrated Defence Staff and the three services for their positions. Australia had submitted an MLSA project shortly after India signed LEMOA, but New Delhi said at the time that it would use more logistics pacts after the first one was put into service. In March, before the bilateral naval exercise AUSINDEX, Australian diplomatic sources sounded the tone for a pact that said the argument for one was “imperative.” AUSINDEX saw the participation of Australia`s largest naval contingent to India with 1,000 employees and assets. Logistics agreements are administrative arrangements that facilitate access to military fuel exchange facilities and agree, facilitate logistical support and strengthen the operational turning point of the Indian army. In South Asia, Washington reached a similar agreement with Sri Lanka. It was not until March last year that the two countries signed CASA (valid for 10 years) to transfer and exchange logistical supplies, assistance and resupply services for peacekeeping missions, humanitarian operations and joint exercises. It is also a logical culmination of the growing familiarization between the two military personnel that were part of the largest military exercises last year with Japan, Australia and Singapore.

The important aspect is “interoperability,” which means that the Indian and U.S. armed forces can cooperate in emergency situations without wasting time getting acquainted with each other`s armed forces. India and the United States are no strangers to the agreement described under the LSA. During the 1991 Persian Gulf War, the Indian government stocked up on U.S. warplanes at Sahar International Airport in Mumbai. However, this measure had been criticized by opposition parties and the government had to withdraw its installation thereafter. India signed the Memorandum of Understanding (LEMOA) with the United States in August 2016, after decades of negotiations. Since then, it has concluded several such agreements with France, Oman, the Philippines and Singapore and has gained access to the port of Sabang in Indonesia. The ASA would require both countries to provide their bases, fuel and other types of logistical support to each other`s combat and naval warfare warships.


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